The start of a new year is always replete with new trends, and this time, we’re also beginning a new decade! We can’t predict what the 2020s have in store for us, but we are seeing a few trends set to emerge in 2020. We’re seeing some exciting trends this year, with enough styles and options for a truly personal touch in your home.

Wide Tiles and Planks

For some floors, planks (wood) or tile (stone) come in a variety of sizes. Recently, we’ve seen growing popularity for the larger, and especially wider, sizes. This unique configuration invokes an open, spacious look. You can actually make the perceived size of a room increase just by replacing its existing floors with larger planks. As an added bonus, there is less grout involved. This lowers the installation cost and the risk of the grout failing.

Contrasting Colors

Treviso Black flooring in a bathroom with contrasting accents

Don’t be afraid to visit the extremes of the color spectrum; both lights and darks at each extreme are trending well. Even better, we’re seeing these floors complimented with decor that contrasts sharply. For example, you may choose a bright, vibrant floor for a spacious appearance, then dark colored furniture and decor. These extremes create a bold style that is easy to accent.

Carpet Patterns and Colors

Patterns took carpet by storm last year, and we expect to see that continue in 2020. However, another touch is taking this trend even farther: texture. Indeed, textures give carpet a 3D pattern that you can see and feel.

If patterns aren’t your style, bold colors are also making waves among interior design circles. By decorating with the right colored furniture and accents, vibrant shades of blue, green, and brown can help set the foundation for a bold, unique style that pops.

Gray Tones are Out – or Are They?

A few years back, flooring mills took the look of traditional hardwood and began adding various shades of gray or black. It set the world of interior design into a frenzy.

Suddenly, a new range of style options were available to homeowners. They were given more choices for cohesive designs using decor and elements that never would’ve made sense before. These gray-scale floors were an especially popular choice for modern designs.

Yet, despite the hype, the trend towards gray-scale flooring really started as a product of personal preference, not a massive movement. It simply became available, people liked it, and they purchased it. As it began making waves, influential aficionados naturally caught on. It has since become so common that the “wow” factor invoked by its former uniqueness eventually faded. Still, it hasn’t actually lost favor, it just isn’t the “latest and greatest” thing anymore. So even if you still decide to decorate with gray or black floors, you won’t be seen as out of the loop, you’ll just be regarded as someone with a personalized sense of style.

Retro Encaustic Tile and Vintage Looks

A few decades back, intricate patterns spread across tile flooring dominated kitchens and bathrooms. Specific patterns were designed to form other new patterns, thus taking a multifaceted approach to design.

With a growing appreciation for both vintage looks and intricate designs, it’s no wonder that these vintage and encaustic tile aesthetics are making a comeback. Even better, these styles are becoming more affordable.

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