Here at Lexington Paint and Flooring, not only can we help you select the right flooring for your kitchen, but we also offer countertops so that you can be in and out and on your way home to a new kitchen in no time!


Cambria Counter Tops

Cambria Quartz has become a widely popular product across the nation. The durability and beauty of their products make them a stron sought after item. All the elegance of granite but with a few added benefits that make the quartz products a wonderful addition to your space. Cambria is an American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces, which results in quality that can be felt from start to finish.

Granite Counter Tops

Granite is a wonderful product! The looks are always unique and no two slabs will ever look the same. This adds to the unique feel that most people are looking for when shopping for new counter tops.

Formica Counter Tops

Working closely with architects, designers and developers, Formica is strategically positioned to offer new products and surfacing solutions that complement current design trends. Laminate tops have come a long way, and Formica looks are carefully planned out to give you the look of beauty and durability.


Marble has always been a very elegant addition to any space with its subtle veins and variety of neutral colors. This type of color palette allows you to dress it up with virtually any kind of accent color from reds to blues to even different shades of grey. The possibilities are endless!

Wilson Art Quartz and Laminate

Wilson Art has always be a great upstanding company to choose your laminate countertops from.  Now they have branched out even further into their field of countertops by adding in their versions of quartz products.  Their colors are neutral, creating a wonderfully subtle palette for you to customize with your own personality.

There are many types of countertops to choose from depending on where it is going and how much you want to spend. You can make this less confusing by putting all brands in one of three categories.

The first one would be completely “man-made” or synthetic material. Brands such as Corian, Gibraltor, Surrell, Staron, or Hi-Macs to name a few. These materials are very easy to maintain and are generally less expensive than the other categories. They are consistent in color and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Undermount sinks in the same material are available and are cosmetically seamless. Overall seams are completely invisible to the eye. A negative to some consumers are that they can be burned and scratched. It should be noted that scratches can generally be sanded and polished out.

“All Natural”
The second group would be completely natural material. Granite would be the most common in this group and is probably the most unique in look. Granites are almost bullet proof. They cannot be scratched. Prices will vary depending upon color, availability, and recovery. However, price is not an indicator of it’s worth. Just because one is half the price of another color, does not mean that it is half the product. Like jewelry, the more rare the stone, the more you will pay. Quality installation is a must and will determine how good or bad the top will look. Beware of “backyard” granite suppliers. Granite tops are an investment and should be purchased from a reputable dealer that uses a reputable supplier and fabricator.

“Engineered Stone”
The third and final category is a combination of the above. Engineered stone (ie: quartz) uses natural quartz stone held together by strong synthetic epoxy. Like granite, they do not scratch nor burn. Unlike granite, they will be more consistent in color and pattern. This is important for the consumer that does not want the variation in pattern of granite. Popular brands such as Silestone, Cambria, and Zodiac are examples of this category. Most consumers may be surprised to find that these can also be more expensive than most granites.


At Lexington Paint & Flooring / Carpetsplus Colortile, we offer all of the above countertops at affordable pricing. All of our suppliers and fabricators have been with us for more than 20 years so you can trust your investment with us. We also do the “complete” job. Not only will we install your countertop, but we also offer plumbing and electrical hookup. We have a huge line of ceramic backsplash material to complete your countertop renovation, which we will install too.