Heat, humidity and pollen – it’s spring time in Lexington! And while we all struggle through the allergies and seasonal change, it becomes a mad dash to find relief wherever possible. Often, this includes your home’s air quality. Yes, pollen can seep its way into your home as doors swing and we open windows to help lower our electric bills. And eventually, that pollen settles into your home’s flooring – until foot traffic kicks it back up again.

Carpet Floors

You may be surprised to learn that carpet can actually help improve your home’s air quality – especially given the number of people who blame it for making it worse. In fact, it can actually do a better job than hard surface flooring – but only if cleaned and cared for properly.

When dust, dirt and allergens settle, they become trapped within the carpet’s fibers. This prevents it from getting kicked back in the air, even from drafts as people walk by. And by vacuuming with a HEPA filter, you can easily remove those particles without releasing them back into the air. Just be sure to vacuum at least once per week to prevent a nasty buildup.

Vinyl Floors

A few years back, Johnsonite engineered a line of vinyl flooring that earned the Asthma & Allergy Friendly Certification from Allergy Standards Limited (ASL). Industry leaders took notice, and now, most vinyl flooring is designed to resist allergens (without sacrificing style). In order to earn the certification, a flooring line must minimize allergen retention, include effective cleaning instructions to reduce the release of allergens and include a manufacturing process that minimizes exposure to irritant materials.

Waterproof Floors

Pollen isn’t the only allergen threatening your home’s air quality; mold is a persistent threat that can be found in all types of flooring. This is probably why waterproof flooring has become so popular; it prevents moisture from soaking into the subfloor and keeps it on the surface until it can be wiped away. We’re even seeing an increasing number of carpet flooring lines designed to be waterproof.

Large Selections and Expert Advice

For expert advice on maintaining a healthy home, or to browse a vast selection of stylish flooring designed to fight allergies and asthma, be sure to visit Lexington Paint & Flooring’s showroom in South Carolina today!