Does your kitchen need a makeover? Whether you’re thinking about updating or renovating, you’d be surprised by how a few changes can really go a long ways. Here, we’ll take a quick look at a few considerations when replacing your kitchen’s flooring and counter tops.

Color Scheme

Matching colors is an important aspect of any design project. How well does the current color scheme compliment the overall style of your kitchen? Perhaps it’s a bit haphazard. Or, perhaps it worked well at one point, but time has taken its toll.

Your color scheme will be influenced by a variety of factors, including your lighting, the ratio of natural to synthetic light, your appliances, existing decor, cabinets and even the materials used throughout your kitchen. This will all need to be considered when choosing the color and material for your kitchen’s flooring and counter tops.

Generally, contrasting tones tend to compliment each other. This is why we see many kitchens with white as the base color and black as an accent.  However, this concept applies to a variety of colors, thus allowing your own creativity to flourish. Even so, if you’re not sure or are open to suggestions, be sure to bring a picture of your kitchen, along with closeups of its cabinets, to Lexington Paint & Flooring. Our professional home designers will help you find the perfect match among our vast selection of flooring and counter top selections.

Choosing Your Materials

A variety of materials can be used for your floors or counter tops. Each offers its own unique arrangement of patterns and textures, which can also compliment each other. However, while we tend to agree that the tones of each should match, they don’t necessarily have to be composed of the same or even similar materials.

Matching Granite Counter Tops: Stone Look Without The Wear

Stone floors tend to look fantastic in the kitchen, especially paired with granite counter tops. However,they are a hassle to clean. The harsh chemicals used for cleaning can easily stain and degrade stone flooring. This greatly reduces the lifespan for a material that’s expensive to replace. Fortunately, new innovations in laminate flooring offers a look and feel that’s virtually indistinguishable from the actual thing – with greater resilience to wear from cleaning chemicals.


Marble counter tops are a staple of the luxurious kitchen. Unfortunately, it certainly isn’t within everyone’s budget. However, laminate comes to the rescue again with options that mimic both the look and feel of marble counter tops without the outrageous price tag.

Whether you choose the real thing or a lookalike, your flooring options are a little easier with marble counter tops. Hard surfaces are common in the kitchen anyways, and virtually any such flooring type (aside from hardwood) compliments marble pretty well. Just ensure that you’re using similar tones.

Hardwood In The Kitchen

Hardwood functions well in the kitchen, regardless of whether it’s for counter tops, flooring or even accents. Some prefer more even patterns when used as a counter top than the natural accents often found in flooring, but similar tones and species will go a long way to compliment each other for both. Just remember that your counter top is likely to be cleaned more frequently, so be sure to find panels that have been specially treated for the occasion. Some homeowners personalize their kitchen even further by carving patterns into their wood counter tops.


At Lexington Floor & Paint, we specialize in both flooring and counter tops. We can help select the best match of both to drastically improve your kitchen’s style. We also offer professional installation services for both. So be sure to visit our showroom in Lexington today!