When purchasing new flooring, we spend so much time considering the aesthetics and durability of each choice that we often forget to consider its installation. At best, we just assume that we’ll leave it to a professional and add that to the value. But what if there was more to installation than hiring an experienced installer? And, what if those considerations could mean forgoing the cost of installation altogether?

Here, we’ll highlight a few installation innovations, features and techniques that could save money both now and in the long run. We’ll also discuss why you may want to consider installing your own flooring even if you have no previous experience.

Waterproof Installation

Waterproof installation has taken the spotlight in recent years, but just because your flooring itself is resistant to moisture doesn’t mean the subfloor will be. Water damage can promote mold growth, sink floorboards and even damage the foundation. This is why waterproof installation methods are just as important.

Techniques such as Fold-n-Tap™ completely block water from seeping through your hard surface panels. Spills and moisture remain above the surface, where they are easily wiped away. Here’s a quick look at a few of these methods:

Fold-n-Tap™: With a commercially-rated design, Fold-n-Tap™ locks water from seeping to the subfloor for up to 3 days. It’s designed for above and below ground applications, making it a great choice for attics and basements alike.

Adura Max: Adura Max from Mannington implements one of the easiest installation methods available (float/click) for its waterproof flooring. Adura Max is also particularly resistant to excessive humidity. We’ll discuss float/click in detail later.

Lifeguard Carpet Backing – Many modern carpet selections implement a completely waterproof backing. Lifeguard backing will ensure the subfloor below it will remain protected from spills and accidents. Lifeguard is available on many Color Destination styles, among other selections.

Floating Installation: The Easiest Choice for DIY

If you prefer to install your own flooring but haven’t actually tried it before, float installation is a great option. It employs a simple clicking system to secure panels. By clicking each panel into place, you can build your flooring much like a puzzle until the room is covered. In many cases, it can also be installed over existing flooring.

Carpet Installation: Getting More From Your Floors

Carpet cushion offers a variety of benefits and will eventually pay for itself. A quality cushion (particularly memory foam) makes the carpet more shock resistant, enhancing both comfort for you and durability for your flooring. So, your carpet will last longer than without proper cushioning. As an added bonus, a quality carpet cushion will also improve your room’s R-value (a measurement of its insulation).

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