Spring is here, and with it, the season of renewal. Right now, many of us could use a fresh change in our lives. Maybe that’s a new style, or perhaps it’s an update to make your home more fitting for your family’s active lifestyle. Regardless of the reasons for your spring renovations, the floors you choose will set the foundation for the style and performance of your latest updates. In this post, we’ll discuss a few of our top floors for your spring renovation projects.

Microban Carpet

Patterned Microban carpet in a living room

Over the past year, our lives have been shaped by a heightened awareness for health and sanitation. During this time, Microban has gained recognition as an industry-leading home sanitizing solution. Each carpet line in our Clean Home Destination has Microban built into the fibers. This helps prevent microbial growth, including bacteria, mold, and mildew. While Microban carpet still needs to be  cleaned regularly, it will remain fresher between cleanings.

On top of that, Microban carpet reflects some of the hottest trends in home fashions. Patterns and textures are all the rage right now, and our Clean Home Destination carpets offer them with popular earth tones and artisan styles.


Wood-look LVP flooring in a restaurant

Extreme light colors are trending, and just in time for spring. Few styles capture the spirit of renewal like the bright, wood-look designs of York. Lighter colors make spaces appear larger and invoke a sense of calm. It’s also completely waterproof, which is a great bonus after the family gets back from a long day at Lake Murray.


Gray tile flooring in a kitchen

If you’ve had trouble with your floors and moisture, this spring might be the time to upgrade to porcelain tile. It’s less absorbent than ceramic tile, and when paired with a moisture-proof grout, offers a completely waterproof solution.

As for style, it’s hard to beat Syracuse. It’s designed to create a harmonious flow in any room. If you’re planning a complete renovation, Syracuse also comes with a matching wall tile.